The sociology of the global system

  title={The sociology of the global system},
  author={L. Sklair},
  • L. Sklair
  • Published 1990
  • Political Science, Sociology
In the first edition of Sociology of the Global System, Leslie Sklair argued that social scientists have not yet generally come to regard the whole world as a legitimate object of knowledge. He challenged this practice by establishing the conceptual viability of the global system and by presenting sociological propositions about how it works, and why it works in the ways that it does. In this second edition, Sklair updates his important research with substantial new material relating to… Expand
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Who's making global civil society: philanthropy and US empire in world society.
  • Ann Vogel
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The British journal of sociology
  • 2006
It is suggested that the philanthropic foundation, and with it the institution of philanthropy, is being invigorated by the expansion of its domestic role to foreign activities and to globally framed activities within the USA. Expand
Global Approaches in the Sociology of Law: Problems and Challenges
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