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The sociology of science.

  title={The sociology of science.},
  author={Harriet Zuckerman},
The Lives and Death of Moore's Law
An analysis of Moore's Law reveals that semiconductor technology has evolved during the last four decades under very special economic conditions, and suggests that economic and social demand has played a limited role in this industry.
The Lives and the Death of Moor's Law.
Moore’s Law has been an important benchmark for developments in microelectronics and information processing for over three decades. During this time, its applications and interpretations have
Common Agency Contracting and the Emergence of "Open Science" Institutions
The Cold War’s ending has brought mounting pressures to recognize national science and technology research systems. Yet, by comparison with what has been learned already concerning institutional
Lionel W. McKenzie and the Proof of the Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium
The theorem proving the existence of general equilibrium in a competitive economy, which necessarily involved specifying the conditions under which such an equilibrium would exist, is an
Revisiting and reinvigorating evolutionary institutionalism: Bringing institutions back to life
Abstract Purpose A synthesis of the various strands of macro-sociology that is commensurate with a more robust theory of evolutionary institutionalism. Design/methodology/approach Drawing
Self-Scrutiny and the Study of Nature: Robert Hooke's Diary as Natural History
Robert Hooke's intellectual life was steadfastly dedicated to the pursuit of natural philosophy and the formulation of an appropriate method for studying nature, His daily life, however, was