The social grid of community medication management.


Practitioners involved in case management at a community mental health center organized 5 elements of a psychotropic medication experience. Using case records, interview, and observational data, the authors examined an underresearched and especially problematic area of the management process: the interpretation of a medication's effect. They describe the divisions of labor, a grid of social relations, and spaces related to management, and they describe how the limits and potential of medications are realized in the intensity of monitoring and the knowledge produced in the day-to-day practices among all participants.

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@article{Longhofer2003TheSG, title={The social grid of community medication management.}, author={Jeffrey Longhofer and Jerry E. Floersch and Janis Hunter Jenkins}, journal={The American journal of orthopsychiatry}, year={2003}, volume={73 1}, pages={24-34} }