The social cost of carbon dioxide under climate-economy feedbacks and temperature variability

  title={The social cost of carbon dioxide under climate-economy feedbacks and temperature variability},
  author={Jarmo S. Kikstra and Paul Waidelich and James A. Rising and Dmitry Yumashev and Chris Hope and Chris M. Brierley},
  journal={Environmental Research Letters},
A key statistic describing climate change impacts is the ‘social cost of carbon dioxide’ (SCCO2), the projected cost to society of releasing an additional tonne of CO2. Cost-benefit integrated assessment models that estimate the SCCO2 lack robust representations of climate feedbacks, economy feedbacks, and climate extremes. We compare the PAGE-ICE model with the decade older PAGE09 and find that PAGE-ICE yields SCCO2 values about two times higher, because of its climate and economic updates… 

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An estimate of the social cost of carbon (SCC) is key to climate policy. But how should we estimate the SCC? A common approach is to use an integrated assessment model (IAM) to simulate time paths


The social cost of carbon (SCC) is a monetary estimate of global climate change damages to society from an additional unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. SCCs are used to estimate the benefits of

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The results suggest that current models of future climate change that focus on agricultural impacts but omit the response of workers to thermal stress may underestimate the global economic costs of climate change.

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