The sloan digital sky survey-II supernova survey: technical summary

  title={The sloan digital sky survey-II supernova survey: technical summary},
  author={J. Frieman and B. Bassett and A. Becker and C. Choi and D. Cinabro and F. Dejongh and D. Depoy and B. Dilday and M. Doi and P. M. Garnavich and C. Hogan and J. Holtzman and M. Im and S. Jha and R. Kessler and K. Konishi and H. Lampeitl and J. Marriner and J. Marshall and D. Mcginnis and G. Miknaitis and R. Nichol and J. L. Prieto and A. Riess and M. Richmond and R. Romani and M. Sako and D. Schneider and M. Smith and N. Takanashi and K. Tokita and K. V. D. Heyden and N. Yasuda and C. Zheng and J. Adelman-McCarthy and J. Annis and R. J. Assef and J. Barentine and R. Bender and R. Blandford and W. Boroski and M. Bremer and H. Brewington and C. Collins and A. Crotts and J. Dembick{\'y} and J. Eastman and A. Edge and E. Edmondson and E. Elson and M. Eyler and A. Filippenko and R. Foley and S. Frank and A. Goobar and T. Gueth and J. Gunn and M. Harvanek and U. Hopp and Y. Ihara and vZ. Ivezi'c and S. Kahn and J. Kaplan and S. Kent and W. Ketzeback and S. Kleinman and W. Kollatschny and R. G. Kron and J. Krzesi'nski and D. Lamenti and G. Leloudas and H. Lin and D. Long and J. Lucey and R. Lupton and E. Malanushenko and V. Malanushenko and R. McMillan and J. Mendez and C. Morgan and T. Morokuma and A. Nitta and L. Ostman and K. Pan and C. Rockosi and A. Romer and P. Ruiz-Lapuente and G. Saurage and K. Schlesinger and S. Snedden and J. Sollerman and C. Stoughton and M. Stritzinger and M. Subbarao and D. Tucker and P. Vaisanen and L. Watson and S. Watters and J. Wheeler and B. Yanny and D. York},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
  • J. Frieman, B. Bassett, +98 authors D. York
  • Published 2008
  • Physics
  • The Astronomical Journal
  • The Sloan Digital Sky Survey-II (SDSS-II) has embarked on a multi-year project to identify and measure light curves for intermediate-redshift (0.05 < z < 0.35) Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) using repeated five-band (ugriz) imaging over an area of 300 sq. deg. The survey region is a stripe 2.5° wide centered on the celestial equator in the Southern Galactic Cap that has been imaged numerous times in earlier years, enabling construction of a deep reference image for the discovery of new objects… CONTINUE READING
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