The sleep-promoting action of ramelteon (TAK-375) in freely moving cats.

  title={The sleep-promoting action of ramelteon (TAK-375) in freely moving cats.},
  author={Masaomi Miyamoto and Hisao Nishikawa and Yayoi Doken and Keisuke Hirai and Osamu Uchikawa and Shigenori Ohkawa},
  volume={27 7},
INTRODUCTION Ramelteon (TAK-375) is an MT1/MT2 receptor agonist being studied for the treatment of insomnia and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. We compared the behavioral effects of ramelteon and exogenous melatonin in freely moving cats. METHODS Ramelteon and melatonin were each suspended in a 0.5% (weight per volume) methylcellulose solution and administered orally to freely moving cats. In the control trial, each cat was given vehicle. Each dose of ramelteon or melatonin was compared… CONTINUE READING
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