The size of RNA as an ideal branched polymer.

  title={The size of RNA as an ideal branched polymer.},
  author={Li Tai Fang and William M. Gelbart and Avinoam Ben-Shaul},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={135 15},
Because of the branching arising from partial self-complementarity, long single-stranded (ss) RNA molecules are significantly more compact than linear arrangements (e.g., denatured states) of the same sequence of monomers. To elucidate the dependence of compactness on the nature and extent of branching, we represent ssRNA secondary structures as tree graphs which we treat as ideal branched polymers, and use a theorem of Kramers for evaluating their root-mean-square radius of gyration, ̂R(g)=√R… CONTINUE READING

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