The size,density,and form ation ofthe O rcus-Vanth system in the K uiper belt

  title={The size,density,and form ation ofthe O rcus-Vanth system in the K uiper belt},
  author={M. Brown and D. Ragozzine and J. Stansberry and W. Fraser},
  • M. Brown, D. Ragozzine, +1 author W. Fraser
  • Published 2010
  • Engineering, Physics
  • A B STR A C T TheKuiperbeltobjectOrcusand itssatelliteVanth form an unusualsystem in theKuiperbelt.W hilem ostlargeKuiperbeltobjectshavesm allsatellitesin circularorbits(Brown 2008)and sm allerKuiperbeltobjectsand theirsatellites tend to be much closerin size (Nolletal.2008),Orcussitsin between. Orcus isam ongstthelargestobjectsknown in theKuiperbelt,buttherelativesizeof Vanth ismuch largerthan thatofthe tiny satellites ofthe otherlarge objects (Brown 2008). Here we characterize the physicaland… CONTINUE READING
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