The single-cell transcriptional landscape of mammalian organogenesis

  title={The single-cell transcriptional landscape of mammalian organogenesis},
  author={Junyue Cao and Malte Spielmann and Xiaojie Qiu and Xingfan Huang and Daniel M Ibrahim and Andrew J Hill and Fan Zhang and Stefan Mundlos and Lena Christiansen and Frank Steemers and Cole Trapnell and Jay Shendure},
Mammalian organogenesis is a remarkable process. Within a short timeframe, the cells of the three germ layers transform into an embryo that includes most of the major internal and external organs. Here we investigate the transcriptional dynamics of mouse organogenesis at single-cell resolution. Using single-cell combinatorial indexing, we profiled the transcriptomes of around 2 million cells derived from 61 embryos staged between 9.5 and 13.5 days of gestation, in a single experiment. The… CONTINUE READING