The silent power: applications of research in medical x-ray combining with photography and digital graphic design


X-ray is a kind of secret power, it is usually used on the medicine, and it can be perspective human body and some items which are not metals. In the graphic art and design filed, digital photography is the common method for creating image, go through this method and the after effect editing, so many alluring images are presented for the audience; however, these images which are created by digital photography only can present the externals. The internal world is always as a secret region, we maybe know what it is, but we couldn't comprehend how it is like, thus, x-ray is the best way to understand what the internals is. In this research, medical contrast is used with lily flower, let the flower absorb the contrast for 12 hours, and the contrast will winding through the whole flower, then exposure the flower by x-ray, therefore, because of wavelength of radiation and contrast, we can see the internal of stem and leaves. The second method is used on human body. One of the authors is model in this part, and takes photo with same view and angle by digital camera and medical x-ray; consequently, the audience could see the internal and external view of models' body at the same time. On the basis of this research project, the intended outcome is going to bring authors some new vision, and after go through the whole project, authors wish some new imaginative ideas would be created in the testing procedure, therefore we could obtain new thoughts and experience from this project, and the x-ray combining design could let us know this silent power could be so different and it can be used not just in medicine, and delivering more ideas and methods to the other designers; artists and researchers who are interested on the same topic in design.

DOI: 10.1145/2393347.2396532

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