The significance of the use of ganja as a religious ritual in the Rastafari movement

  title={The significance of the use of ganja as a religious ritual in the Rastafari movement},
  author={Stephanus Petrus Pretorius},
  journal={Verbum Et Ecclesia},
  • S. Pretorius
  • Published 30 September 2006
  • Law, History
  • Verbum Et Ecclesia
In 2000, the South African Constitutional Court ruled that religious freedom, including the exercise of religious rituals, may not contradict the laws of the country. This ruling came as a result of the Western Cape Law Society’s refusal to admit a Rastafarian as lawyer because of his habit of smoking marijuana. He appealed to the Constitutional Court and claimed that the ruling infringed upon his right to religious freedom. The Constitutional Court upheld the decision that no exception may be… 

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