The significance of prey in the diet of the phytophagous thrips, Frankliniella schultzei

  title={The significance of prey in the diet of the phytophagous thrips, Frankliniella schultzei},
  author={M. MILNE and G. H. WALTER},
  journal={Ecological Entomology},
1. Patterns of mite egg consumption by the phytophagous thrips Frankliniella schultzei Trybom were investigated. Although F. schultzei predation is somewhat similar to that of F. occidentalis (Pergande), the understanding of predation by these two phytophagous thrips was extended, allowing the functional significance of flower thrips’ predatory behaviour to be reinterpreted. 
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Competitive interaction between Frankliniella occidentalis and locally present thrips species: a global review

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