The short tandem repeat loci hTPO, THO1 and FGA.

  title={The short tandem repeat loci hTPO, THO1 and FGA.},
  author={Roger P{\"o}ltl and Christine Luckenbach and Jim Hixson and Heide Ritter},
  journal={Human heredity},
  volume={48 6},
This paper focuses on the three well-established short tandem repeats HumhTPO (human thyroid peroxidase gene), HumTHO1 (human tyrosine hydroxylase gene) and HumFGA (human alpha fibrinogen gene). We present sequencing data which include the sequences of all the different primer pairs used so far, as well as results from a population study which was carried out on an American Black and a southwestern German population. All data are compared with previously published studies. A test for… CONTINUE READING