The sheyba in ancient Egypt

  title={The sheyba in ancient Egypt},
  author={Cyril Aldred},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={176 - 177}
  • C. Aldred
  • Published 1 August 1977
  • History
  • The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
IN his admirable Corpus of Hieroglyphic Inscriptions in The Brooklyn Museum, vol. I, p. 59, T. G. H. James translates part of an address to passers-by, exhorting them to leave offerings in the following terms: ~~-~ 0 }~=E~ r~:-~,?,::· Although he translates 'you should give the contents of your vessels and the liquid ( ?) of your jugs', 1 James rightly points out that the word translated 'liquid' is tJI;t, with a mistaken substitution of j for l• and he notes that the translation 'dregs' has…