The sheep market

  title={The sheep market},
  author={Aaron Koblin},
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The Sheep Market, is a web-based artwork that appropriates Amazon's Mechanical Turk system to implicate thousands of workers in the creation of a massive database of drawings. From one simple request, submitted to the MTurk system as a 'HIT' or Human Intelligence Task, workers create their version of "a sheep facing to the left" using simple drawing tools. The artist responsible for each drawing receives a payment of two cents for their labor. The inspiration for The Sheep Market project stems… Expand
Task Matching in Crowdsourcing
  • Man-Ching Yuen, Irwin King, K. Leung
  • Computer Science
  • 2011 International Conference on Internet of Things and 4th International Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing
  • 2011
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