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The set of local A-packets containing a given representation

  title={The set of local A-packets containing a given representation},
  author={Hiraku Atobe},
In this paper, we give an algorithm to determine all local A-packets containing a given irreducible representation of a p-adic classical group. Especially, we can determine whether a given irreducible representation is of Arthur type or not. 
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The closure ordering conjecture on local $L$-parameters in local Arthur packets of classical groups

In this paper, we study the structure of the set of local Arthur parameters such that the corresponding local Arthur packets all contain a given representation of the split classical groups Gn =



On the socles of certain parabolically induced representations of 𝑝-adic classical groups

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In this paper, we consider representations of p p -adic classical groups parabolically induced from the products of shifted Speh representations and unitary representations of Arthur type of

On Mœglin's Parametrization of Arthur Packets for p-adic Quasisplit Sp (N) and SO(N)

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Abstract We give a survey on Mœglin's construction of representations in the Arthur packets for $p$ -adic quasisplit symplectic and orthogonal groups. The emphasis is on comparing Mœglin's

Paquets d'Arthur pour les groupes classiques; point de vue combinatoire

The aim of this work, is to describe fairly explicitly a general Arthur's packet for a classical group. The problem to be solved, here, is the decompostion of induced representations. Following


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Abstract We develop a general procedure to study the combinatorial structure of Arthur packets for $p$ -adic quasisplit $\mathit{Sp}(N)$ and $O(N)$ following the works of Mœglin. This will allow us

Comparaison des param\`etres de Langlands et des exposants \`a l'int\'erieur d'un paquet d'Arthur

In this paper, one proves an idea expressed by Clozel: inside an Arthur's packet, one has the representations in the Langlands' packet inside the Arthur's packet and more tempered representations

Paquets d’Arthur pour les groupes classiques ; point de vue combinatoire

Le but de cet article est de terminer la description combinatoire des paquets d’Arthur pour des groupes classiques p-adiques. Les paquets sont associés à des morphismes, ψ, du groupe WF × SL(2,C)×

Construction of local A-packets

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Abstract In the present paper, we reformulate Mœglin’s explicit construction of local A-packets of split odd special orthogonal groups and symplectic groups. By this reformulation together with

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