The sequence-specific nuclear matrix binding factor F6 is a chicken GATA-like protein

  title={The sequence-specific nuclear matrix binding factor F6 is a chicken GATA-like protein},
  author={Yegor S Vassetzky and Cl{\'a}udia Vit{\'o}ria de Moura Gallo and A. N. Bogdanova and Sergey V Razin and Klaus Scherrer},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
The sequence-specific DNA-binding protein factor F6, which binds upstream of the cluster of the chicken α-globin genes, has previously been found to interact with a DNA fragment containing a replication origin and a nuclear matrix binding site. This protein has been partially characterized. Based on its molecular weight and binding affinity, F6 belongs to a family of GATA proteins, the chicken equivalent of transcription factor NFE-1. An oligonucleotide including the binding site for F6… CONTINUE READING

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