The septum pellucidum and its variants. An MRI study.

  title={The septum pellucidum and its variants. An MRI study.},
  author={Christine Born and Eva M. Meisenzahl and Thomas Frodl and Thomas T Pfluger and Maximilian Reiser and H. J. M{\"o}ller and Gerda L. Leinsinger},
  journal={European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience},
  volume={254 5},
PURPOSE Increased prevalence of cavum septi pellucidi (CSP) in schizophrenic patients in comparison to healthy subjects was reported previously. Our purpose was to evaluate the prevalence of variants of the septum pellucidum in healthy subjects in three different age groups. METHODS 151 healthy subjects, including 46 children (age 6 +/- 4 years), 72 young adults (age 31 +/- 8 years) and 33 elderly adults (age 59 +/- 7 years) were examined with high-resolution MRI. Three observers analysed the… CONTINUE READING

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