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The secularization of sin : an investigation of the Daedalus complex

  title={The secularization of sin : an investigation of the Daedalus complex},
  author={Richard K. Fenn},

In Search of Psychoanalytic Pluralism: An Inquiry into Time, Money, and Love

This essay examines religious studies scholarship that has relied heavily upon the work of Sigmund Freud and attempts to show its weakness by offering a self psychological reading to complement each text by inquiring into the nature and quality of the use of multiple meta-psychologies in scholarly monographs.

Toward Engaging the Secular: Charles Taylor's Modern Social Imaginaries, Human Flourishing, and Theological Method


Autonomie und Bewährung im Kontext einer säkularisierten Transzendenz

Von sakularisierter Transzendenz zu sprechen, ist absolut keine Selbstverstandlichkeit und daher begrundungsbedurftig. Der Transzendenzbegriff wird ublicherweise auf religiose Glaubensinhalte

Beyond Anti-Elitism: Black Studies and the Pedagogical Imperative

Elitism is frequently invoked among the pantheon of ‘‘isms’’ actively to be disavowed. Indeed the charge of elitism often takes the form of reiteration, of identifying yet another manifestation of

Hannah Arendt's Political Theology of Democratic Life

Abstract In this essay, I explore Hannah Arendt's suggestion that we conceptualize human power and freedom polytheistically if our aim is to understand the challenges and requirements of democratic

Not Always Enslaved, Yet Not Quite Free: Philosophical Challenges from the Underside of the New World

This article is the keynote address of the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill, Barbados, philosophy symposium in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the British outlawing the Atlantic

A post-Christian perception of sin and forgiveness

The argument of this thesis is that ideas and values relating to sin and forgiveness, deemed appropriate for theocratic and hierarchical societies, have lost authority in the increasingly democratic

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