The secret world in the gaps between brain cells

  title={The secret world in the gaps between brain cells},
  author={Charles Nicholson},
  journal={Physics Today},
Innovations in diffusion analysis and imaging techniques have gradually revealed the ubiquity and importance of extracellular space. 

Stochastic Kinetic Study of Protein Aggregation and Molecular Crowding Effects of Ab40 and Ab42

The stochastic method is used to distinguish the kinetic behaviors between A β 40 and A β 42 isoforms and makes general comments on the usefulness of these sets of rate parameters.



Extracellular sheets and tunnels modulate glutamate diffusion in hippocampal neuropil

Although the extracellular space in the neuropil of the brain is an important channel for volume communication between cells and has other important functions, its morphology on the micron scale has

Current Techniques for Investigating the Brain Extracellular Space

This work aims to provide a basic introduction to the available experimental techniques that have been applied to address the brain ECS, highlighting their main characteristics and noting that each technique comes with unique strengths and limitations.

Astrocytes and extracellular matrix in extrasynaptic volume transmission

  • L. VargovaE. Sykova
  • Biology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
  • 2014
From a clinical point of view, diffusion parameter changes occurring during pathological states could be important for diagnosis, drug delivery and treatment.

Diffusion of macromolecules in the brain: implications for drug delivery.

How quantitative diffusion measurements can be used to better understand and potentially improve upon CNS drug delivery by modeling delivery within and across species, screening drugs and drug conjugates, evaluating methods for altering drug distribution, and appreciating important changes in drug distribution that may occur with CNS disease or injury are discussed.

Exploring the interstitial system in the brain: the last mile of drug delivery

The new research model that takes into account brain cells, cerebral vessels, and ISS will provide a new perspective and direction for understanding, utilizing, and protecting the brain.

Diffusion in brain extracellular space.

Experimental studies with the real-time iontophoresis method employing the cation tetramethylammonium in normal brain tissue improve the conception of ECS structure and the roles of glia and extracellular matrix in modulating the ECS microenvironment.

The roles of perineuronal nets and the perinodal extracellular matrix in neuronal function

An update on the current understanding of perineuronal net composition, formation and functional roles in brain function and disease is provided.