The search for signatures of cosmic bullets

  title={The search for signatures of cosmic bullets},
  author={Martin Stuhlinger},
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  • M. Stuhlinger
  • Published in
    SPIE Astronomical Telescopes…
    14 June 2006
  • Physics
Since its launch in 1999, the European X-ray observatory XMM-Newton has suffered, 4 times, possible micro-meteoroid impacts believed to occur in the mirror shells, scattering debris toward the focal plane. The latest event, on 2005 March 09th, caused the loss of EPIC MOS1 CCD6, as well as small damage to MOS1 CCD1. This latter defect is leaking into the whole column that passes a few pixels from the nominal target position on CCD1 and affects a significant fraction of the on-axis source PSF… 
Soft x-ray imager (SXI) onboard ASTRO-H
We report here the performance of the SXI on ASTRO-H that was started its operation from March,02 2016. The SXI consists of 4 CCDs that cover 38' X 38' sky region. They are P-channel
Soft X-ray Imager aboard Hitomi (ASTRO-H)
Abstract. The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) is an imaging spectrometer using charge-coupled devices (CCDs) aboard the Hitomi x-ray observatory. The SXI sensor has four CCDs with an imaging area size of 31