The search for new industrial crops II:Lesquerella (Cruciferae) as a source of new oilseeds


Agencies of the Agricultural Research Service, USDA, have been engaged for several years in a program aimed at the discovery and development of new crops for industrial utilization (1). One of the approaches toward this objeetive is a botanicochemical search for new and unusual seed oils in plants lmving good crop potential. Botanists of the Crops Research Division, Beltsville, 3{a~-land, and chemists of the Northern Utilization Research and Developmcnt Division, Peoria, Illinois, have teamed up to promote this search. Broad screening in nearly 200 families of seed plants has revealed many sources of seed oils of unusual fa t ty composition, suggesting possible indust~a l utility. Only occasionally, however, have these desirable chemical features been found in association with high crop potential for the source plant. The genus Lesquerella constitutes one of these occasional exceptions having both desirable compositional values (2) and promising agronomic potential.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02985296

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