The scientific papers of James Prescott Joule

  title={The scientific papers of James Prescott Joule},
  author={James Prescott Joule}

A Review of the Challenges and Limitations of Full-Field Measurements Applied to Large Heterogeneous Deformations of Rubbers

:  This paper presents an overview of the use of full-field measurement techniques, more precisely digital image correlation (DIC) and coupled DIC and infrared thermography, for the material and

Theoretical calculation of wind (or water) active lift turbine power: exceeding the betz limit

: The Betz limit sets a theoretical upper limit for the power production by turbines expressed as a maximum power coefficient of 16/27. Betz’s theory is accurate and it is based on the calculation of

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Thermodynamics for Stochastic Population Processes with Multi-Level Large-Deviation Structure

The work is meant to encourage development of inherent thermodynamic descriptions for rule-based systems and the living state, which are not conceived as reductive explanations to heat flows.

Introduction to IDTC Special Issue: Joule's Bicentenary History of Science, Foundations and Nature of Science

James Prescott Joule’s (1818–1889) bicentenary took place in 2018 and commemorated by the IDTC with a Symposium—‘James Joule’s Bicentenary: Scientific and Pedagogical Issues Concerning Energy

Joule’s Experiments on the Heat Evolved by Metallic Conductors of Electricity

The focus of this paper is one of James Prescott Joule’s scientific contributions: the laws of heat production by electric currents in conductors. In 1841, the 22 years old Joule published a paper

Joule’s Experiment as an Event Triggering a Formalization of a Baconian Science Till Up to an Alternative Theory to Newton’s One

A re-visitation of Joule’s experiment motivates a critical analysis of thermodynamic notions: heat, total energy, first principle, organization of a scientific theory, its relationships with logic

On the Energy Concept Problem: Experiments and Interpretations

The conservation of a magnitude that the authors call energy nowadays was discovered by Mayer and Joule; an indestructible and transformable entity was not; adopting the original conservation principle would be enough to avoid the energy concept problem.

Sadi Carnot’s Réflexions and the foundation of thermodynamics

The purpose of this article is to present a short review of Sadi Carnot work on heat engines and on the role his adherence to the caloric theory may have had. The essential points developed in the

A differential giant magnetostrictive mitro-displacement actuator

Actuators made of Giant Magnetostrictive Material (GMM) are used more and more widely in ultra-precision positioning, processing, measurement, and vibration isolation of equipment. While a single