The scientific heritage of Richard Henry Dalitz, FRS (1925-2006)

  title={The scientific heritage of Richard Henry Dalitz, FRS (1925-2006)},
  author={Ian Johnston Rhind Aitchison and Frank E. Close and Avraham Gal and D. J. Millener},

Un possibile esempio storico di slittamento gestaltico in fisica delle particelle elementari

The resolution of the celebrated θ-τ enigma of elementary particle physics through the introduction of the parity violation law by T.D. Lee and C.N. Yang in 1956, may be epistemologically considered



Isotopic Spin Changes in τ and θ Decay

The decay of τ and θ particles is discussed on the hypothesis that the amplitude for an isotopic spin change of ΔT in τ and θ decay to pions should decrease with increasing ΔT, the transition ΔT = ½

Meson phenomena and the meson theory, Prog

  • Nucl. Phys
  • 1955

CP Nonconservation

In this paper, I will describe the predictions of various models for CP violation and the implications of recent precise experiments. The first section consists of a brief review of the experimental

Sir Rudolf Peierls was not a spy

Your news story (July p7) reports remarkable claims made in the 29 May issue of The Spectator by the journalist Nicholas Farrell – the "mouthpiece" for the military historian Nigel West – that the

The Strangeness-exchange Reaction K¯d ? App¯ in FIight

The data on the forward reaction K -d --> Apn- at 700 MeV/c are compared with calculations using semi-phenomenological one-boson-exchange hyperon-nucleon potentials and KN --> nY amplitudes deduced