The scholarly publishing industry in China: overview and opportunities

  title={The scholarly publishing industry in China: overview and opportunities},
  author={Jie Xu and Matthias Wahls},
  journal={Learned Publishing},
The rapid growth of government investment in scientific research in China over past decades has also caused the scholarly publishing industry to go through great changes. Nevertheless, there is a big gap between the state of China's scholarly publishing industry and the current demands of international scientific communication. Globalization and digitization developments are currently widening this gap. Based on desk research, face‐to‐face interviews, observations, and experience, we identify… 
China’s Scientific Journals in a Transforming Period: Present Situation and Developing Strategies
Based on a detailed analysis of the global academic impact of China’s scientific journals, as well as of the publishing strategies and communication media used by their publishers, we conclude that
Online scholarly publishing in China: Who? What? How?
This overview describes the general situation of online scholarly publishing in China from both the supply and demand points of view. Based on desk research, online survey, and face‐to‐face
The Chinese scientific publication system: Specific features, specific challenges
The scientific publication system in China is described, the Chinese ex‐ante journal licensing examination, the triple ownership management structure is covered and an overview of the editorial process of Chinese scientific journals is provided, which analyses how difficulties in the Chinese science publication system relate to concerns over research quality and integrity.
Open Access Scholarly Journal Publishing in Chinese
The central conclusions of the study are that Chinese-language OA journals need to increase their visibility in journal indexes such as the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and that an OA publishing platform (similar to the Latin American SciELO) should be established for Chinese- language OA Journals.
Internationalization of China's English‐language academic journals: An overview and three approaches
There has been rapid growth in CELJs between 2006 and 2011 but mostly in the science, technology and medicine disciplines, and the authors conclude that there are three criteria for successful international CELJS: increased visibility, good editorial boards, and international publishing partnerships.
Politics matters: The power dynamics behind Chinese English‐language humanities and social science journals
It is argued that the power dynamics and social contexts in which Chinese English‐language journals operate shape China's knowledge production and dissemination as much as the content of these journals does.
A Study of Three Alternative Open Access Publishing Models
Information retrieval services provide tools for researchers to rapidly locate pertinent and relevant information in sources such as books, journals and so on through indexes and abstracts and thus help researchers to manage the information overload.


Advantages of university journals in China
  • Li Li
  • Education
    Learn. Publ.
  • 2005
University journals in China have special advantages in such circumstances and have the potential for developing strongly, and can now promote their accessibility and become more influential.
Chinese Publishing Industry Going Global: Background and Performance
To put an end to the large copyright trade deficit, both Chinese government agencies and publishing houses have been striving for entering the international publication market. The article analyzes
The outflow of academic papers from China: why is it happening and can it be stemmed?
It is of great significance to find out the reasons for the outflow of excellent papers and then take measures to stem this flow, and perhaps Chinese journals could obtain a better position in the world.
Data from the website of Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China
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A funding providing financial support to the translation and exporting of classic Chinese work
    Data from the website of China Copyright Organization
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    According to 28 interviewees from 22 UPs, all of them stated that the cost of publishing has nothing to do with subjects
      According to our interview, most editors of normal UPs showed a pessimistic attitude about getting the best authors for monographs
        Data from a internal report of Elsevier named Ranking of Nations in Article and Citation Output
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