The scattering of α and β particles by matter and the structure of the atom

  title={The scattering of α and β particles by matter and the structure of the atom},
  author={E. Rutherford},
  journal={Philosophical Magazine},
  pages={379 - 398}
  • E. Rutherford
  • Published 2012
  • Materials Science
  • Philosophical Magazine
  • § 1. It is well known that the α and the β particles suffer deflexions from their rectilinear paths by encounters with atoms of matter. This scattering is far more marked for the β than for the α particle on account of the much smaller momentum and energy of the former particle. There seems to be no doubt that such swiftly moving particles pass through the atoms in their path, and that the deflexions observed are due to the strong electric field traversed within the atomic system. It has… CONTINUE READING
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