The scanning laser ophthalmoscope: a new view on the retina.


Observation of the retina provides the observer with a sneak view of the central nervous system. Where else can one observe neural tissue over periods of weeks or even years? However, simply looking into the eye does not reveal the retina. Leeuwenhoek observed many cells and tissues in the body, but his single lens microscope did not permit observation of the retina in vivo. Instead, he had the excitement ofusing his microscopes to observe the structure of the corneal epithelium, the lenticular fibres of the ocular lens, as well as striated muscle, red blood cells, and bacteria. It took a mathematician, Charles Babbage, to design a direct view ophthalmoscope. The world still had to wait another five years for Helmholtz, in 1850, to introduce a practical device to permit the clinician to observe the living


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