The scale Nemolecanium graniformis (Wunn) (Homoptera: Coccidae) in Greece

  title={The scale Nemolecanium graniformis (Wunn) (Homoptera: Coccidae) in Greece},
  author={George J. Stathas},
  journal={Anzeiger f{\"u}r Sch{\"a}dlingskunde = Journal of pest science},
The phenology and natural enemies of Nemolecanium graniformis (Wunn) (Homoptera: Coccidae) in infesting Abies cephalonica, were studied in Greece during 1998 – 1999. This oviparous species develops one generation per year in Central Greece (Attica) and overwinters as 2nd instar nymph. Young adult females appear by the end of July, and the first instar nymphs by the middle of August. By the middle of October, the whole population of the scale is recorded as 2nd instar nymphs. The parasitoids… CONTINUE READING