The sarcoplasmic Ca2+-ATPase: design of a perfect chemi-osmotic pump.

  title={The sarcoplasmic Ca2+-ATPase: design of a perfect chemi-osmotic pump.},
  author={Jesper Vuust M\oller and Claus Olesen and Anne-Marie Lund Winther and Poul Nissen},
  journal={Quarterly reviews of biophysics},
  volume={43 4},
The sarcoplasmic (SERCA 1a) Ca2+-ATPase is a membrane protein abundantly present in skeletal muscles where it functions as an indispensable component of the excitation-contraction coupling, being at the expense of ATP hydrolysis involved in Ca2+/H+ exchange with a high thermodynamic efficiency across the sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane. The transporter serves as a prototype of a whole family of cation transporters, the P-type ATPases, which in addition to Ca2+ transporting proteins count Na+, K… CONTINUE READING
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