The salmonid MHC class I: more ancient loci uncovered

  title={The salmonid MHC class I: more ancient loci uncovered},
  author={Kristina M. Miller and Shaorong Li and Tobi J. Ming and Karia H. Kaukinen and Angela D. Schulze},
An unprecedented level of sequence diversity has been maintained in the salmonid major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I UBA gene, with between lineage AA sequence identities as low as 34%. The derivation of deep allelic lineages may have occurred through interlocus exon shuffling or convergence of ancient loci with the UBA locus, but until recently, no such ancient loci were uncovered. Herein, we document the existence of eight additional MHC class I loci in salmon (UCA, UDA, UEA, UFA… CONTINUE READING
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