The sacred complex in Hindu Gaya

  title={The sacred complex in Hindu Gaya},
  author={Lalita Prasad Vidyarthi},
  journal={Pacific Affairs},
Death and cosmogony in Kashi
Kashi (Kagi) is the pious Hindu’s name for Varanasi and is one of the seven sacred cities (puris) of India. This paper arises from fieldwork which focused primarily on the various groups of sacred
Ritual Kinship among Hindu Pilgrimage Priests of Allahabad
The primary objective of this article is to clarify the elements that contribute to the formation of the identity of the pilgrimage priests of Prayāga (Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India). This identity
Indian Anthropology: Critique of Diverse Ideas and Exploration of the Swadeshi Anthropology
: Anthropology in India is divided into various phases, such as colonial ethnology/ethnography and postcolonial anthropology. The classical evolutionism, diffusionism and Orientalism, which had
Sacred Sites, Rituals, and Performances in the Ecosystem of Religious Tourism
It is now widely accepted that religious tourism encapsulates the essence of contemporary patterns of travel to sacred and religious sites [...]
A Preliminary Study of Pilgrimage Tourism in Barahachhetra, Nepal
Pilgrimage is an age-old phenomenon for people of all religions. Pilgrimage is often been defined as a journey resulting from religious causes, externally to a holy site, and internally for spiritual
Authorisation by Using ‘the Past’: The Development of the Gayā Pilgrimage Programme
In modern Gayā, pilgrims are advised to make a seventeen-day pilgrimage programme visiting forty-five holy spots, which has been regarded as ‘complete (sampūrṇa), most authorised (śāstrika) and
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Music and Society in Late Colonial India: A Study of Esraj in Gaya
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Indian classical music was in transition. Most readings of the transition stress the choices of the professional musicians, as these musicians