The routine of the street outreach office team: Procedures and care for the homeless

  title={The routine of the street outreach office team: Procedures and care for the homeless},
  author={Selma Maria da Fonseca Viegas and Rosane Gonçalves Nitschke and Adriana Dutra Tholl and Lucas Andreolli Bernardo and Tassiana Potrich and Maria Josefa Arcaya Moncada and Marta Nabarro},
  journal={Global Public Health},
  pages={924 - 935}
ABSTRACT This study aims to understand the routine of the street outreach office team regarding the attention paid to the homeless. It is a holistic qualitative multiple case study, based on Michel Maffesoli’s Comprehensive and Quotidian Sociology. It was performed using two key informants and 20 professionals of the street outreach office of two capitals in the South of Brazil. For data analysis, we used the Thematic Content Analysis. The itinerancy, the unexpected and the immediacy of… 
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Attention to Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health at the Street Outreach Office

The aim of study was to understand care strategies for homeless women, focusing on aspects of sexual and reproductive health from the perspective of Street Outreach Office strategy professionals.



Promoting continuity of care for homeless adults with unmet health needs: The role of brief interventions

It is suggested that brief interdisciplinary interventions can promote continuity of care by offering low-barrier access, timely and responsive service provision, including timely connection to long-term services and supports, appropriate individualised services and effective co-ordination of services.

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Objective Identify and analyze the structure and content of the social representations of homeless people in relation to health care. Method Qualitative study, based on the structural approach of the

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A scoping review of the literature published between 2007 and 2017 found six themes related to the types of health supports needed for persons experiencing homelessness who are transitioning from the hospital to resonate with participants of the community consultation workshop.

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Homeless health care needs and barriers to access are described utilizing qualitative data collected from shelter staff and health service staff and recommendations for program planning are examined in the context of contributing factors and health care reform.

Health status of the homeless in Dublin: does the mobile health clinic improve access to primary healthcare for its users?

The findings of this study indicate that the MHC promotes access to primary care service and highlights the need to expand the healthcare approaches on the M HC to adequately meet the health needs of its target population.

Equipe “Consultório na Rua” de Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: práticas de cuidado e promoção da saúde em um território vulnerável

The practices of a Street Clinic (eCnaR) team for the homeless and alcohol, crack and other drugs users in order to provide comprehensive care implemented according to PHC and health promotion conceptions are discussed.

Homeless health care: meeting the challenges of providing primary care

Key solutions include prioritising access to stable housing, continuity of health care, specialised homeless general practice, hospital inreach, discharge planning and coordinated care, general practice outreach, and medical recovery centres.


Michel Maffesoli's thinking contributes to the construction of knowledge in nursing and health, indicating routes in the dimensions of care, in the academic and professional fields, departing from people’s daily life, resignifying the care that goes beyond the technique.


It is important to carry out educational actions together with schools on topics such as sexuality and reproductive health, as well as to evaluate the sexual knowledge and behavior of adolescents about sexually transmitted diseases.

Consultório na Rua: visibilidades, invisibilidades e hipervisibilidade

Este artigo reflete sobre o acolhimento e a producao de cuidado destinados a populacao em situacao de rua numa perspectiva socioantropologica, a partir de uma observacao participante realizada junto