The routine circular coil is reliable in paired-TMS studies.

  title={The routine circular coil is reliable in paired-TMS studies.},
  author={Radwa A. B. Badawy and Roberto Tarletti and Marco Mula and Claudia Varrasi and Roberto M. Cantello},
  journal={Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology},
  volume={122 4},
OBJECTIVE Motor cortex excitability can be measured by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) using different coil types, but paired-TMS was originally devised with a figure-of-eight coil. We asked whether the most popular, circular coil was suited to the every-day assessment of cortical excitability, particularly paired-TMS indexes, and if it reduced the measurement error. METHODS We studied 12 right-handed, healthy subjects (34±7.6 years). Resting motor threshold (MT), cortical silent… CONTINUE READING