The routes for bulk drainage of aqueous humour in rabbits with and without cyclodialysis

  title={The routes for bulk drainage of aqueous humour in rabbits with and without cyclodialysis},
  author={Anders Bill},
  journal={Documenta Ophthalmologica},
The bulk drainage of aqueous humour into the general circulation and into the orbital tissues was studied with 131I-labelled albumin and red dextran (molecular weight 40,000) in rabbits with and without cyclodilaysis. In animals at a normal intraocular pressure of about 20 mm Hg and without an artificial cleft between the anterior chamber and the suprachoroid the rate of aqueous bulk flow into the general circulation was 3.99 ± 0.55 μl/min. There seemed to be some outflow also through other… CONTINUE READING
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