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The roots of any polynomial equation

  title={The roots of any polynomial equation},
  author={Geert-Jan Uytdewilligen},
  journal={arXiv: Classical Analysis and ODEs},
We provide a method for solving the roots of the general polynomial equation a[n]*x^n+a[n-1]*x^(n-1)+..+a1*x+a0=0. To do so, we express x as a powerseries of s, and calculate the first n-2 coefficients. We turn the polynomial equation into a differential equation that has the roots as solutions. Then we express the powerseries' coefficients in the first n-2 coefficients. Then the variable s is set to a0. A free parameter is added to make the series convergent. 


Advanced Engineering Mathematics.
PART A: ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (ODE'S). Chapter 1. First-Order ODE's. Chapter 2. Second Order Linear ODE's. Chapter 3. Higher Order Linear ODE's. Chapter 4. Systems of ODE's Phase Plane,Expand
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