The roles of telomeres and telomerase in beta-cell regeneration.

  title={The roles of telomeres and telomerase in beta-cell regeneration.},
  author={C. W. Liew and Amanda Holman and Rohit N. Kulkarni},
  journal={Diabetes, obesity & metabolism},
  volume={11 Suppl 4},
Telomerase is a specialized reverse transcriptase that is responsible for extending and preserving the end of the chromosomes (telomeres). Telomerase plays a key role in regulating the lifespan of mammalian cells and is involved in critical aspects of cellular ageing processes. In this review, we will briefly summarize our current understanding of the functions of telomeres, telomerase and their regulation. Considering that compensatory islet hyperplasia and beta-cell regeneration play… CONTINUE READING