The role of vasopressin in experimental and clinical hypertension.

  title={The role of vasopressin in experimental and clinical hypertension.},
  author={Lawrence R. Krakoff and Fernando Elijovich and Catherine Barry},
  journal={American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation},
  volume={5 4},
The vasoconstrictor and vasopressor actions of vasopressin have been revealed in recent research through the use of highly specific and sensitive radioimmunoassays, employment of peptide antagonists, and comparison with an animal model which has hereditary absence of this hormone, the Brattleboro rat. Factors now known to modify the pressor effect of vasopressin are the baroreflexes, local vascular prostaglandin production, and a specific interaction with angiotensin II. In experimental models… CONTINUE READING