The role of two parasitological staining techniques in diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis among diarrhoeic patient’s admitted to kosti teaching hospital, white nile state, sudan

  title={The role of two parasitological staining techniques in diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis among diarrhoeic patient’s admitted to kosti teaching hospital, white nile state, sudan},
  author={Abdelhakam G Tamomh and Mohammed Ahmed Suliman and Kabulo K Cedric and Hafiz Y Mohammed and Abdalmoneim M Magboul and Ibrahim M. Hassan and Rabah M Ibrahim and Ammar Awad Mohamed Abdalla and Tarteel A Abdallah and Ahmed Al Hassan Alfaki},
  journal={MOJ Public Health},
Cryptosporidiosis is parasitic diseases of the intestinal tract which causes diarrhea in developing countries. Primary symptoms are acute, watery, and no bloody diarrhea and infection is of particular concern in immunocompromised patients.1 Molecular techniques have shown that Cryptosporidium parvum is the predominant species in cryptosporidiosis, accounting 50.8% of cases among 325 water-borne parasitic diseases worldwide. In stool examination of patients with gastroenteritis, the reported… 
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