The role of the neonatal nurse practitioner in post NICU follow-up.


This descriptive correlational study explored the role of neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) in postneonatal intensive care unit follow-up. A random sample of 505 NNPs completed a researcher-developed instrument pretested for reliability and validity. There was overwhelming agreement (96%) that a role exists for NNPs in follow-up. In total, 52% felt qualified to provide follow-up and 22% were currently in the role. NNPs with previous primary care experience (P = 0.010) were more involved in follow-up. NNPs with additional certification (P = 0.016) or previous primary care experience (P = 0.003) felt more qualified to provide follow-up care. Facilitators and barriers to the role were identified by NNPs providing follow-up care.

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