The role of the integrin LFA-1 in T-lymphocyte migration.

  title={The role of the integrin LFA-1 in T-lymphocyte migration.},
  author={Andrew Smith and Paula Stanley and Kristian T Jones and Lena Svensson and Alison McDowall and Nancy Hogg},
  journal={Immunological reviews},
A successful immune response depends on the migration of lymphocytes into lymph nodes or inflamed tissues where they make contact with antigen-presenting cells. We are interested in how one member of the integrin family, leukocyte function-associated antigen-1 (LFA-1), controls the function and, in particular, the migration of immune cells. We find that this integrin operates not only as an adhesion receptor for T lymphoblasts (T cells) but also induces their migration in vitro at approximately… CONTINUE READING
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