The role of the SCADA RTU in today's substation

  title={The role of the SCADA RTU in today's substation},
  author={Craig Wester and Terrence Smith and Bob Anderson and Noel Engelman and Kehinde Odetunde and Joe Reilly},
  journal={2015 68th Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers},
The interface between Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) functions and Protection and Control (P&C) functions has been blurred since the acceptance and full utilization of microprocessor based relays. The control, data acquisition and protection functions have been incorporated into a single Intelligent Electronic Device (IED). In many cases this is a clean, economically sound, solution. In some cases, the merging of the SCADA functions into a protective IED has created operation… CONTINUE READING
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