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The role of the Ikhwan under 'Abdul-'Aziz Al Sa'ud 1916-1934

  title={The role of the Ikhwan under 'Abdul-'Aziz Al Sa'ud 1916-1934},
  author={Talal Sha'yfan Muslat Al-Azma'},
  • Talal Sha'yfan Muslat Al-Azma'
  • Published 1999
  • Political Science
  • The study of the Ikhwan movement in Najd is an important study which will help us to understand the historical and political development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the period of King 'Abdu-'Aziz Al Sa'ud. This study will investigate the Ikhwan movement comprehensively from its creation in the Summer of 1916 until their participation in the Yemeni War of 1934. King 'Abdul-'Aziz was the founder of the Ikhwan movement although he did have a conflict with a minority of the Ikhwan of Najd… CONTINUE READING
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