The role of string topology in symplectic field theory

  title={The role of string topology in symplectic field theory},
  author={Kai Cieliebak and Janko Latschev},
  journal={arXiv: Symplectic Geometry},
We outline a program for incorporating holomorphic curves with Lagrangian boundary conditions into symplectic field theory, with an emphasis on ideas, geometric intuition, and a description of the resulting algebraic structures. 
Rational symplectic field theory for Legendrian knots
We construct a combinatorial invariant of Legendrian knots in standard contact three-space. This invariant, which encodes rational relative Symplectic Field Theory and extends contact homology,
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  • J. Pardon
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the American Mathematical Society
  • 2019
We give a construction of contact homology in the sense of Eliashberg–Givental–Hofer. Specifically, we construct coherent virtual fundamental cycles on the relevant compactified moduli spaces of
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We explain an application ofL ∞ structure on the homology of free loop space and of the moduli space of pseudo-holomorphic disc, to symplectic topology of Lagrangian submanifold. Our result was


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