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The role of social support in the aftermath of sexual assault : a review

  title={The role of social support in the aftermath of sexual assault : a review},
  author={Michele Owen},


Understanding factors associated with early therapeutic alliance in PTSD treatment: adherence, childhood sexual abuse history, and social support.
Positive trauma support, not CSA history, may be particularly important in the development of a strong early therapeutic alliance in individuals with chronic PTSD who were receiving either prolonged exposure therapy (PE) or sertraline. Expand
Social Support in Couples: An Examination of Gender Differences Using Self-report and Observational Methods
We explored gender differences in actual and perceived spousal support in a survey study involving 458 married Belgian couples and in an observational study involving 32 married Belgian couples.Expand
Structural models ofthe relations of assault severity , social support , avoidance coping , self - blame , and PTSD among sexual assault survivors
  • Psychology q [ Women Quarterly
  • 2007
Will you be there for me when things go right? Supportive responses to positive event disclosures.
Responses to positive event discussions were more closely related to relationship well-being and break-up than were responses to negative event discussions. Expand
Correlates of women's sexual assault disclosure to informal and formal support sources.
Women disclosing to both formal and formal support sources experienced more stereotypical assaults, had more PTSD symptoms, engaged in less behavioral self-blame, and received more negative social reactions than those disclosing to informal support sources only. Expand
The Relation of Child Maltreatment to Shame and Guilt Among Adolescents: Psychological Routes to Depression and Delinquency
Results showed that whereas harsh parenting in childhood was related to shame proneness in adolescence, this relationship was mediated by parental rejection in adolescence and youth with rejecting parents were more shame-prone and less guilt-prone than other youth. Expand
Psychometric Characteristics of the Social Reactions Questionnaire: A Measure of Reactions to Sexual Assault Victims
Negative social reactions are common responses to disclosures of sexual assault. A study was undertaken to evaluate the psychometric characteristics of a new measure of social reactions to sexualExpand
Social Support and Strain from Partner, Family, and Friends: Costs and Benefits for Men and Women in Adulthood
The goals of this study were to (i) examine the association of social support and strain with psychological well-being and health, (ii) investigate whether these associations depended onExpand