The role of shock waves in pulsed-dye laser angioplasty.

  title={The role of shock waves in pulsed-dye laser angioplasty.},
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Fr~~m 2nd l)ep.~rtmt~~t (11 Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Unitersiry of T~rkyo. .Ind F,xplorations Fonctionnelles and Department of Pathology, IJnivrrsity Hospital Henri Mundw, University uf Paris XII. Reprint requwts: ‘I’akanohu Tomaru. MD, 2nd Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. ITniversity of Tokyo. 7-3-l Hongo, Bunkyoku. ‘I’oky,,, Japan. 4/4/?9435 acteristics relevant to the shock waves have not been well elucidated. Although pulsed lasers are being used for… CONTINUE READING