The role of sectarianism in the Provisional IRA campaign, 1969–1997

  title={The role of sectarianism in the Provisional IRA campaign, 1969–1997},
  author={Rachel Caroline Kowalski},
  journal={Terrorism and Political Violence},
  pages={658 - 683}
  • R. Kowalski
  • Published 2016
  • Sociology
  • Terrorism and Political Violence
ABSTRACT This article concerns the nature of political violence in an ethnonationally divided society. The article engages with the debates surrounding the discrimination employed, or not, by the PIRA when selecting their targets and waging their campaign against British rule and partition in Ireland between 1969 and 1997. The piece challenges the assertion that the PIRA discriminated with religious bias, and that they actively targeted Protestant civilians. It does so by drawing upon analysis… Expand
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