The role of periostin in tissue remodeling across health and disease

  title={The role of periostin in tissue remodeling across health and disease},
  author={Simon J. Conway and Kenji Izuhara and Yasusei Kudo and Judith Litvin and Roger R. Markwald and Gaoliang Ouyang and Joseph R. Arron and C{\'e}cile T. J. Holweg and Akira Kudo},
  booktitle={Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences},
Periostin, also termed osteoblast-specific factor 2, is a matricellular protein with known functions in osteology, tissue repair, oncology, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and in various inflammatory settings. However, most of the research to date has been conducted in divergent and circumscribed areas meaning that the overall understanding of this intriguing molecule remains fragmented. Here, we integrate the available evidence on periostin expression, its normal role in development… CONTINUE READING


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