The role of perfusion washout in limb revascularization procedures.

  title={The role of perfusion washout in limb revascularization procedures.},
  author={Hilary Rosen and M. J. Slivjak and Francis X. Mcbrearty},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={80 4},
Amputated rat hindlimbs were subjected to either normothermic (26 degrees C) or hypothermic (4 degrees C) ischemia. Experimental limbs had their microcirculation washed out (either before or after the ischemic insult) with a physiologic acellular plasma substitute previously reported to enhance flap survival following extended periods of warm ischemia. Control limbs were not washed out; i.e., stagnant blood remained in these limbs. Following the ischemic interval, amputated limbs were replanted… CONTINUE READING

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