The role of perceived race and gender in the evaluation of college teaching on RateMyProfessors.Com.

  title={The role of perceived race and gender in the evaluation of college teaching on RateMyProfessors.Com.},
  author={Landon D. Reid},
  journal={Journal of Diversity in Higher Education},
  • L. Reid
  • Published 1 September 2010
  • Education, Psychology
  • Journal of Diversity in Higher Education
The present study examined whether student evaluations of college teaching (SETs) reflected a bias predicated on the perceived race and gender of the instructor. Using anonymous, peer-generated evaluations of teaching obtained from RateMyProfessors .com, the present study examined SETs from 3,079 White; 142 Black; 238 Asian; 130 Latino; and 128 Other race faculty at the 25 highest ranked liberal arts colleges. Results showed that racial minority faculty, particularly Blacks and Asians, were… 

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