The role of patellar tendon morphometry on anterior knee pain

  title={The role of patellar tendon morphometry on anterior knee pain},
  author={Ozum Yuksel Tuncyurek and Mine Ozkol and Uğur Oziç and Yuksel Pabuscu},
  journal={Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy},
To investigate the morphometry of patellar tendon with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and to reveal the relation between patellar tendon properties and anterior knee pain (AnKP). Twenty-three patients with AnKP and nine healthy individuals were included in the study. Patients with knee anomaly that may cause AnKP were excluded from the study. The patellar tendon examination was performed on sagittal and coronal sections of MRI. Freehand technique was used to frame the area of tendon and… CONTINUE READING
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